Adaptive Mechanisms and Evolution                      
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Emmanuelle POUYDEBAT

Email address:
Phone number : +33 (0)6 20 81 52 12

Mail address :: UMR 7179 C.N.R.S/M.N.H.N.,
Département d'Ecologie et de Gestion de la Biodiversité,
57 rue Cuvier, Case postale 55,
75231, Paris Cedex 5, France.

Actual research thematics and programs:
     Evolution of prehension in Tetrapods
     Prehension and tool use in Primates
     Interdisciplinary approach : ethology, biomechanics, functional morphology
     Applications in robotics and rehabilitation

Keywords : prehension, evolution, tool use, biomechanics, primates, hand preference, convergences

Publications :

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