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François FEER

Team Manager BIOTROP
Email address :
Phone number : +33 (0)1 60 47 92 03

Laboratoire d'Ecologie
1 avenue du petit château
91800 Brunoy

Research :
     Structure of the assemblage of coprophagous and necrophagous Scarabaeinae in the forest of French Guiana: specific diversity, life traits, functional groups, ecological separation.
Value as an indicator of disturbance: changes according to fragmentation and hedge effect.
Effects of the microclimatic factors and the diversity of vertebrates’ fauna.
Role as secondary seed dispersers: effects on regeneration dynamic, structure of the seed bank and soil biological activity.

Keywords : Coprophagy, indicator group, Scarabaeinae, secondary dispersal, Soil seed bank


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Van Vliet N, Nasi R, Emmons L, Feer F, Mbazza P, M. Bourgarel – 2007 - Evidence for the local depletion of bay duiker Cephalophus dorsalis, within the Ipassa Man and Biosphere Reserve, north-east Gabon. African Journal of Ecology. 45: 440-443.

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Book : Bestiaire Amazonien (Edition Le Dilettante, 2008), récompensé par le Prix Louis Castex de l'Académie Française
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